The Moth Presents:
Occasional Magic

I first saw another Moth book, All These Wonders, browsing through the Anthropologie at the mall where I work. I looked it up and ended up buying it as a birthday gift for my best friend. Then my grandfather died.
 In the midst of all the stress and grief I did what I always do when I’m dealing with something: I looked to my books. I picked up Occasional Magic, knowing I didn’t have it in me to concentrate on a novel. Short stories were what I needed. I also started listening to The Moth podcast.
Some stories I’ve both read AND heard. Those are the most memorable. But then there is the story about the man who fought for gay rights after his partner died and made me cry in the courtyard during my lunch break. Or the one about the woman who ate pasta on her worst days after her divorce (hello, me). Some have made me laugh when I desperately needed to.

These Moth books have been some of the best purchases I’ve ever made, and now that we’re under this pandemic, I hope they’ll be one of your favorite investments too.

You can find these books here: 

-Occasional Magic

All These Wonders


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